Discover Sim Ownership information effortlessly using our advanced SIM Tracker and CNIC Tracker tools, along with precise location tracing, boasting a remarkable 100% success rate. Gain access to immediate and up-to-date details on anyone in just seconds.


Unlock the power to obtain real-time ownership information by entering any Pakistani citizen’s CNIC or mobile number. Our platform delivers reliable and up-to-date data on every Pakistani Telecommunication customer, putting you in control.

Skip the lengthy waiting times associated with official channels in Pakistan, as our platform seamlessly provides in seconds what could take months or days elsewhere. Empower yourself with this swift and efficient tool, requiring only a stable internet connection and basic internet usage knowledge.

To unveil the ownership details of a SIM card or CNIC number owner, simply input the details into the text field below and click on the search button. Experience the convenience of instant information retrieval in 2024.


Track a person live who is teasing or threatening you by entering their Mobile number.


Get the instant details of any CNIC holder or SIM user from our Uploaded SIM Database in seconds.


Trace the Fresh location of a relative or unknown person by just Entering the SIM number.


Does any anonymous person constantly contacting you on mobile? Enter their mobile number and get their data.


Discover the ease of accessing comprehensive SIM owner details in Pakistan within seconds at SIMownership.net, eliminating the need to wait for information from higher authorities. Real-time threats and an increasing crime rate in Pakistan make SIMownership.net an invaluable tool to obtain reliable and updated information instantly, reducing the reliance on lengthy processes with official departments.

In the face of escalating digital threats, SIMownership.net provides a secure haven for users navigating sensitive platforms. With a wealth of Pakistani SIM owners’ details available, the platform is fortified with high-end security protocols, safeguarding against potential risks from hackers or malicious online users. The implementation of end-to-end encryption ensures the confidentiality of your activity on the platform, all without any subscription charges.

Experience peace of mind and efficiency with SIMownership.net as your go-to solution for swift and secure SIM owner information retrieval.


At SIMownership.net, you have the power to swiftly retrieve the most recent data of any Pakistani SIM owner within seconds. Simply enter the mobile number into the text field and click on the search box for instant access to comprehensive user details. Our platform provides this service entirely free of charge, delivering real-time information at your fingertips.


Unlock More Than SIM Ownership Data

SIMownership.net goes beyond SIM ownership information, offering CNIC number details, including names, addresses, and the number of SIMs registered on a particular CNIC. Easily determine the number of SIMs linked to your CNIC or use the CNIC Tracker feature for free to manage and block unwanted numbers, optimizing your mobile usage.


How to Efficiently Manage SIM Slots on Your CNIC

For users facing challenges registering new SIM cards due to full slots, SIMownership.net offers a solution. Utilize the CNIC Tracker feature to retrieve a list of numbers registered on your CNIC. Identify unused numbers and promptly block them, creating space for new connections.


Streamlined SIM Blocking Process

Once armed with information from SIMownership.net, swiftly block unused numbers by visiting the nearest Telecommunication company franchise. Present your original CNIC card, book an appointment, and during the biometric verification process, identify and block unwanted numbers efficiently.


Navigating SIM Activation/Registration in Pakistan

When activating or registering a new SIM card in Pakistan, ensure your CNIC is active, as an expired CNIC is not accepted. Visit the relevant telecommunication company franchise or a local shop offering mobile-related services. These shops, equipped with devices and SIM cards, facilitate activation for areas without established franchises.


Leveraging the Live Tracker Feature

The Live Tracker feature on SIMownership.net proves invaluable in various situations. In cases of lost or stolen mobile phones, the feature aids in locating the device without relying on external assistance. Parents can use it to track their child’s location for added security, while employers can verify the whereabouts of remote employees.


Unlock the Power of SIM Database

SIMownership.net boasts a comprehensive database of Pakistani SIM users, continually updated with fresh information. Use the SIM Database feature to track individuals, verify details, and safeguard against threats. Whether dealing with harassment or simply verifying your own information, this feature provides ample data on the screen.


Harnessing the CNIC Tracker for Personal and Legal Benefits

The CNIC Tracker feature on SIMownership.net allows users to access a database of CNIC holders. By entering the correct CNIC number, users can retrieve detailed information. This feature proves beneficial in legal matters, enabling users to take appropriate action against harassers. Additionally, users can manage and block mobile numbers registered on their CNIC.


Secure Information Retrieval on SIMownership.net

Rest assured, accessing SIM card owner and CNIC holder information on SIMownership.net is a secure process. The platform’s robust infrastructure, coupled with a top-notch expert team, ensures user privacy. Strict rules are in place to prevent any misuse of services, guaranteeing a safe and reliable experience for all users.


What Information SIMownership.net Provides Against SIM Card Numbers

When entering a SIM card number into the text field, SIMownership.net reveals crucial information:

  1. Name: Discover the owner’s name as per the CNIC.

  2. Address: Access the home address of the SIM card owner.

Verify the platform’s reliability by entering your own SIM card number and reviewing the displayed details.


What Information SIMownership.net Provides Against CNIC Numbers

Entering a CNIC number into SIMownership.net yields the following details:

  1. Name: Retrieve the name of the CNIC holder.

  2. Address: Access the address associated with the CNIC.

  3. Mobile Numbers: View a list of mobile numbers registered on the CNIC.

Utilize SIMownership.net for comprehensive and accurate information on SIM card and CNIC details, contributing to a secure and informed mobile experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions


SIMownership.net employs advanced technology to swiftly retrieve and display the most recent data of any Pakistani SIM owner entered into the platform.

Yes, SIMownership.net offers its comprehensive CNIC Tracker feature entirely free of charge, providing users with valuable information such as names, addresses, and registered mobile numbers.

Absolutely. Utilize the CNIC Tracker feature to retrieve a list of mobile numbers registered on your CNIC, enabling you to identify and promptly block unused numbers, creating space for new connections.

After obtaining information from SIMownership.net, users can efficiently block unused numbers by visiting the nearest Telecommunication company franchise, ensuring a swift and hassle-free process.

No, an active CNIC is a prerequisite for activating or registering a new SIM card in Pakistan. Ensure your CNIC is valid before attempting to register a new SIM card.

The Live Tracker feature aids in locating lost or stolen mobile phones without external assistance, offering a convenient solution for users in distress.

The SIM Database feature provides a comprehensive overview of Pakistani SIM users, allowing users to track individuals, verify details, and protect against potential threats.

SIMownership.net ensures a secure process, backed by a robust infrastructure and a dedicated expert team. Strict rules are in place to prevent misuse, guaranteeing user privacy.

Yes, SIMownership.net provides reliable information, including the owner’s name and address against SIM card numbers and comprehensive details against CNIC numbers.

To verify reliability, enter your own SIM card number into SIMownership.net and review the displayed details, ensuring accuracy and confidence in the platform’s services.